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Our Cats

Meet the Team

Inquisitive Ones Art Studio is a place for Arts that happened to have cats. We have no intentions of ever using our cats as a marketing strategy for cat lovers. We are most definitely not a cat café, nor a cat museum. It just so happens that they who’d been adopted by me will continue to be in my care till death do us part. All our cats are picked up from the streets. Adopted and loved. All our cats had received medical health care, and are sterilized. They do not have any contagious sickness. Most of our cats rescued from Woodlands, bin center, and void deck. There’s a lot of abandonment cases, as we know there were a few cat owners that didn’t sterilize their cats, allowing them to roam outside at night.


All our cats are like family members of IO, thus Inquisitive One Art Studio has become their home.


It is to my regrets that we thus cannot accommodate students with allergies nor fear towards cat. But I’m sure, there are other art studios too who can also provide great teaching style and love for these children whom we cannot take in.


Positive aspects of having cats in the studio are

1)    They teach our students about compassion, empathy, and respect of other sentient beings. Animals are not a soft toy which we can handle roughly, this also teaches our students to understand that all living beings have a certain preference for personal space and boundaries. To be mindful, accepting and tolerant towards one another.

2)    They bring joy and companionship to our students. Humans are such, there are times when we are not able to fully express ourselves with words, and having another being who loves us, accepts us unconditionally soothes the soul.

3)    Most of our students have grown to love the cats finding a friend in one who they can relate to. It’s great to see our students form a friendship, taking the role of care and love giver, supporting our studio cats. I’m sure our students are maturing into mindful, loving, responsible and understanding little people.

Manja Ng

Vice President

Gracie Ng

Discipline Mistress

Mun Mun Ng

Ms Peace Maker

Magnum Ng

Mr Secretive

Zoe Ng

Ms Survival

MiChan Ng

Ms loving

Awesome Ng


Evon Ng

Ms Shy

Laser Ng

Mr Motorhead

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