Portfolio Preparatory Class

8yo - 12yo

DSA Sample Artwork 01

As required for at least 10-15 pieces of artworks and support studies that stretches back to 3 years, we strongly encourage children who are passionate about art to start as early as 8-9yo till date of application for Direct School Admission (DSA).

We will focus on different drawing and painting techniques using different mediums such as Graphite, Oil Pastel, Soft Pastel and Acrylic painting.

Students will be exposed to and trained in targeted studies of Observational, Imaginary, Conceptual works and self-motivated works.

We will also prepare students with video presentations to help them articulate their work process, learnings, and help them set goals ahead.

The portfolio can be used as a supporting document during DSA exercise to secondary school. DSA Art in Singapore presents opportunities for Primary 6 students who showcase interest, engagement and proficiency in visual art to apply to secondary schools before PSLE. DSA Art secondary schools include, but not limited to, National Junior College (NJC), Raffles Girls’ School (RGS), School of the Arts (SOTA), St Joseph’s Institution (SJI) and Victoria School (VS).

Sample Portfolio Works

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