Everything starts from a dot.

Wassily Kandinsky


Our Philosophy

Art is a powerful tool and medium to teach us more about ourselves, and as for children, to further develop their character, formation of critical thinking and building of social-emotional skills.


Raphaelle Jayet started Inquisitive Ones Art Studio in 2014 in the privacy of her own home and moved to the current studio space at RiverValley Road in 2016.


She believes all that art mimic life, vice-versa. To create art is much like living a good life, where constant discovery is made, a passion for creation, learning and imagination flows together as one.  A good life, a good relationship, a good community, a good society begins with these values - humility, integrity, truth, righteousness and most importantly - love, compassion, and empathy. A good strong character paves the way towards, joy in life-long learning, a passion for creativity and success.

Everyone is unique and born with different gifts. It is important for children to appreciate their own gifts and talents, and learn how to use them to serve their family, communities, and people who associate with them as our future leaders.

Art has the abilities that take a soul, a mind deeper than the surface, going beyond fears of confronting one's weakness and fears. Art has the ability to train and form patience, perseverance, focus, personal integrity and raise one's confidence through personal efforts. Like a potter's hand, we are the clay, constantly being sculpted into a masterpiece by our own nature. Who then sculpt this clay of being? SELF. Only when a child finds learning, changing, formation interesting, challenging enough, finding it meaningful and purposeful, then will one be open to such changes. Here were want all our children to embrace themselves, to know they are deeply loved, and that we are all flawed in some ways, yet never forgetting our personal strength and the abilities to change those habits that are no longer functional for us to live in a loving society. We are our own masterpieces.


From her own experience, she sees the importance of developing each child to be resilience, strong core character values, and growth mindset to support all sorts of life-skills and learnings, regardless what the children decide to endeavor for their personal future. 'Grit, Patience, Acceptance, Tolerance, Understanding, Peace, Love, Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, Perseverance - these values are often preached but hardly nurtured.



Through art, with art and in art we seek to know ourselves better.


We are not just an art school that teaches art, but a community of love between teachers and parents for all our students.


Through the medium of art, through learning art skills and techniques, we bring forth holistic and heuristic nurturing, treating all children as a precious bonsai, encouraging, supporting, pruning to achieve his or her best efforts and being.


We want like-minded people to join us, to share with us their values and opinions and it is only through open dialogue and loving exchanges that we can all including as 'adults' grow, heal ourselves and continuing nurturing the future of our world - our children!


What affirms us is how well they will do and continue forth towards a happy and successful life even after they have left.



'It takes a village to raise a child' - African Proverbs

Our Vision


Without Love we are nothing. Love is meant to be shared. Here in Inquisitive Ones Art Studio, we seek to empower all children with the power of love to seek fulfillment in life’s growth and learning through Art. And to take this away to continue to empower their peers and families through love, with love, and in love.

Our Mission


To grow and nurture each unique child, forming them in a heuristic way. We believe that everyone is born with gifts, and we seek to discover their strength, help them to believe and trust in their abilities for the empowerment of personal growth through the medium of art.


Here we work closely with parents through open dialogue and understanding of every child's personal strength and character, with all the gifts of love, forming them to appreciate the skills of learning, not for the art alone, but for all personal endeavors through the rest of their lives.


I believe teaching is only accomplished when a person finds the process fun, joyful and always looking forward to learning more.

Everyone can do art, who thus can most wonderfully present themselves to the world as a gift itself!

Let their love and light shine forth, that continue to support, encourage and empower not just themselves but grow together as one big community, one family of this earth.