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Our engaging art classes offer a rich experience that encourages everyone to draw, paint, and use mixed media.

Inquisitive Ones Art Studio develops new talents and skills by helping our students create and design unique art using a variety of materials. Our main focus is developing skills, teaching new techniques, and boosting self-confidence.  We do have different types of classes for everyone.  Enroll yourself for our Art Class in Singapore Now.  We are located in River Valley.

Our Classes for Kids

In Arts Initiation, we target kids between the ages of 2.5-4 years. We introduce the most basic form of art, including experiential learning as well as sensory and motor skills development.

Our lessons are in line with the KinderCare learning syllabus. We also have a customized program for special kids. Our art studio strives to expose kids to as many types and styles of art-making as possible. This way, they can find what they like most.

This art class targets children between 5-10 years. Our goal is to teach kids all the basics of art theories and techniques as well as different methods of creativity using all sorts of media.

In this class, we introduce them to different artists and their artistic approaches. We also help them mimic different artists’ styles to help them find and develop their own.

This is suitable for kids aged between 9-16 years. After introducing them to all the necessities of visual arts, we challenge and train them to conceptualize and determine their intentions and objectives in each project.

We desire to bring forth the unspoken nature of art in them. We equip our students to make wild arts, crazy art, fun art, soft art – all sorts of art.

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Every good painter paints what he is. -Jackson Pollock

To be an artist is to believe in life. - Henry Moore

Art is coming face to face with yourself. -Jackson Pollock

To create one’s own world takes courage. Georgia O’Keeffe

Top-Class Art Studio Everyone Will Love

We’re More Than Just Art Lessons

We not only help kids unearth their passion for art, but we also create a conducive environment for them to make new friends and learn new perspectives from others. Our drawing class in Singapore allows kids to develop in all aspects of life.

Reputable Art Studio in Singapore

Our art studio has had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of kids over the years. We're passionate about what we do and are excited to bring more lessons about fine art to every type of child.

Positive Learning Environment

We take pride in our clean and kid-friendly environment which is made up of a friendly community of students, instructors, and parents. Thanks to this solid support system, your child can develop their art skills efficiently.

Personal Attention for Every Student

Our staff understands the impact of a good teacher on a student. Our instructors are enthusiastic and patient. They teach with a perfect blend of fun and discipline. We ensure everyone receives the much-needed attention.

Early Exposure for your Children

Our students are regularly exposed to experienced artists. From their interactions, they’re encouraged to aim higher and strive for excellence.

what parents say about us

"I love your heuristic and holistic approach toward art-making and art education. Casey loves and enjoys the way you conduct the class." - Wei Ching (Mother)

"Thank you so much, Jayet. You're a very good teacher and your dedication towards the kids and art it's really admirable. That's why I'd like Allie to learn from you." - Melissa Tay

Art Classes for Everyone for Better Development

Our drawing and painting class in Singapore offers the full art experience to instill artistic strengths in our students and help them develop new skills.